Barbara, Sally, Natalie & Caitlin are all very successful Female Directors of a big business corporation. They are also filthy rich, beautiful & very tall, but, they are extremely bitchy! They constantly bully their employees showing no mercy at all. One of their regular clients Mike Stud-Master is so sick & tired of seeing the way those Female Directors are treating their employees; so he hatches a plan after confiding with a close friend. The friend gives him contact details of a castle occupied by 4 Giant Dommes; so Mike gets in contact with the Head-Domme who is a transsexual. He tells the tranny about what is going on at the corporation with those 4 Female Directors, so they discuss on how they should get taught a lesson they’ll never forget. After the discussion Mike then lures the 4 Bitchy Women to the castle where they are captured & imprisoned! Now the fun begins for the dommes, they tie up the Directors in bondage & give them some hardcore punishment. For the first time ever the tables have finally turned on them as they are no longer now the dominant figures they were at their work-place. Each Director is allocated to each domme where they are punished individually. Then in the final scene they are all tied-up together wearing both blindfolds & ball-gags; this is where the real punishment begins! When the dommes have completed their tasks the 4 Female Directors return to their office the next morning where an even bigger surprise awaits for them!

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Far away in the galaxy Princess Ride-Her has been captured by the Evil Darth Vagina of the Whore Empire; who is trying to prevent the Princess from getting laid. Her 2 robots C3PussyOh & R6D9 are also helpless; they escape to another planet where they find a man by the name of Puke Sky-Wanker. After hearing of what has happened to Princess Ride-Her he agrees to help in rescuing her & also enlists the extra help of Hand-Job and Screw Ass-Licker. Meanwhile, as Princess Ride-Her is stuck in her prison-cell she then finds out that Darth Vagina is on the hunt for the Ultimate Penis in which she wants to capture so she could use to create more Darth Vagina’s to take over the galaxy. After considerable amount of force Darth Vagina now knows that the Ultimate Penis is on a planet called Your Anus & then sets of on a quest to capture the Ultimate Penis. When Puke & the others rescue the Princess from Darth Vagina she explains everything of what the Whore Empire is trying to accomplish; so the gang set off to planet Your Anus before it’s too late. Later on the gang then finds out that Hand-Job is on the run from a bounty-hunter by the name of Bounty Big Bitch; she is on orders of Slappa the Slut in which Hand-Job owes money to. When the gang land on Your Anus they speak to the head of the planet President Cum-Shot and warn him of what Darth Vagina & the Whore Empire are attempting to do. Immediately the President & the others form an army together in an attempt to bring down the Whore Empire once and for all in the final battle of good verses evil.

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It is late at night in the town where 3 women have been abducted by a mysterious 7ft Amazonian who calls herself the Hunch-Bitch of Notre-Domme. It is unsure why this mysterious woman is committing this dastardly crime. Brilliant Police Detective Stiffy Stanley is in charge of the case with his colleague & girlfriend Leggy Lindsey. To add more to this case the police enlist the help of Police Psychologist Vicky Vagina to get into the mind of the Hunch-Bitch of Notre-Domme and how she works. Though for Stiffy Stanley this case is a tough one for him and not only that he has to try to keep up with his relationship with Leggy Lindsey. The case does get very tough for Stiffy Stanley when a suspect who they think is the Hunch-Bitch of Notre-Domme going by her description is questioned, finds out that she is not the Hunch-Bitch at all. This complex case now gets thrown into turmoil the Hunch-Bitch of Notre-Domme is starting to play mind-games with the police & in particular Stiffy Stanley. To make things worse 3 more women get kidnapped by the Hunch-Bitch of Notre-Domme….who is she and what are her motives for carrying out this heinous crime?

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Here are 2 separate Erotic-Comedies rolled into one e-book:

(1) Tall Women in a Dungeon

(2) Switchy-Bitches!

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TALL WOMEN IN A DUNGEON: Sexual deviant & future Porn-Director Triple F had just been turned down for his proposed porn site Tall Women in Bondage by the Fetish & Fantasy Corporation and he is furious! He decides to exact his revenge by kidnapping 4 Tall Women: Titan Trixie, Skyscraper Susan, High-Tower Helen and Colossal Carol. He takes them to his mansion where he has a dungeon in the basement. He ties them up in bondage and tortures them whilst at the same time giving them an orgasm they’ll never forget. Triple F uses all kinds of sex toys on the Tall Women and at the same time he is filming the whole scene so he could get the Fetish & Fantasy Corporation to recognize his talents as a Porn-Director. Then after all that he then prepares the women for the FINAL CLIMAX! Will Fetish & Fantasy ever take note of Triple F’s talents? Let’s wait & see!




SWITCHY BITCHES!: Both Delilah Drain & Sandy Slag are having a whale of a time on their Fetish & Fantasy Live shows entertaining all of their fans who are watching them. They are both getting so many viewers compared to the other live models and making so much money from them as well. Both Delilah & Sandy are also close friends outside the porn company and they do so many things together. However, this friendship takes a new and interesting twist! In one of Delilah Drains live shows she is having a “private session” with one of the live users. Then all of a sudden Sandy bursts into Delilah’s room & spanks her ass! Later on Delilah Drain decides to get her own back by surprising Sandy & putting her in bondage during one of her private sessions with Tied-Toes. And as Sandy is in bondage Delilah whips her ass big time! In other words “paybacks are a bitch!” Later on Delilah is invited by Sandy to her house just for some fun. However, Delilah Drain is unaware that Sandy Slag has a plan for her – she gets put into bondage by Sandy and dominated good & hard. Then after Delilah is released she gets her own back on Sandy and puts her in bondage to return the favor. Then Delilah decides to put a twist into the bondage of Sandy Slag and decides to call in a “Mystery Guest”….but who is this mystery person and what is this individual’s connection to Sandy? Well we can only read on to find out!

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A new Pyramid is built in the town where by day it is a women-only museum displaying pictures of transsexual women. But, by night it is a place where women are dominated in BDSM by transsexual women! Stacey’s best friend & colleague Tera tells her of her orgasmic experience at the Pyramid where she got totally dominated by all of those transsexual women. Stacey shocked at all of this is wondering why did Tera do this…was Tera mad at the time? Tera even tries to convince Stacey to sign up & get dominated by those trannies. At first Stacey reluctantly backs out but, after consideration she visits the museum first & finds out about the Pyramid of Porn & Perversion. When Stacey visits the night-club at the Pyramid, she then ponders about exploring her own sexuality. Will she visit the Pyramid of Porn & Perversion and sign-up to get dominated in BDSM by a group of transsexual women? Only time will tell!

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Willy & his college room-mate Martin organize their own college fraternity after getting turned away from other fraternities and use their passion for pornography as a theme for it. The fraternity has plenty of sex of all kinds and after forming their fraternity they managed to have a massive fan-base not only from other students but, also from their professors. Then when they become popular a prominent businessman who specializes in the porn industry wants the opportunity to work with both Willy & Martin and expand on their club. The whole cast then work with the businessman and draft out a theatre-sex play in which eventually becomes sold out within hours. The whole cast of Sextopia cannot believe their eyes….they have achieved so much beyond their wildest dreams. How will it all go?

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Three Erotic-Comedies into one e-book:

(1) The Mystery Mansion of Sex

(2) Shaolin Porn-Star

(3) Dr. 5D

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Mystery Mansion of Sex: Up & coming Fetish & Fantasy star Daphne Du Cock receives 6 free tickets as a gift to an exquisite residential place called The Mystery Mansion of Sex. She decides to accept them and invites 5 other Porn-Stars who are Sandra Pain, Amy Shagger, Julie Muff, Morgan Whore & Emma Naughty. Daphne Du Cock suggests to all of them that this would be a good place to get away & enjoy themselves – they all decide tag along with Daphne! However, once they arrive at the Mystery Mansion of Sex little do they know that they’re not the only ones there as the place itself is haunted, considering it is occupied by sex-hungry ghosts. When all the Porn-Stars got to sleep the ghosts take the opportunity to tie them all up in bondage and play with them! When they all realized what had happen to them the night before the Porn-Stars then go out & investigate why this unusual incident had happened. Who are these ghosts? Why did they tie-up the Porn-Stars in bondage & then fucked them? Where did these ghosts come from & what are their motives? Well, only time will tell!



Shaolin Porn-Star: Kung-Fu expert Wilmot Morris is leaving the School where he trained as a Shaolin Monk for several years. He’s going to Canada to commence his university studies so he could find his way. At University he meets Judo expert Chelsey Richards; they form a close friendship when they realized that they have so much in common and in particular porn! Both Wilmot & Chelsey want to work in the Porn Industry & enlist in the help of Wilmot’s long-term friend Michelle Stevens who is a porn-star & has her own porn-company. They both realize this could be opportunity to open doors for them to get their foot forward into the porn industry. After meeting with Michelle they decided to do a porn-movie where Martial Arts & Sex combined together. Michelle supports the ideas of both Wilmot & Chelsey & the movie goes ahead….what will come of this movie? Wait & see!




Dr. 5D: A new dentist has opened in town & his name is Dr. 5D. But, he is no ordinary dentist he is also a BDSM Master. After he performs his check-ups on his patients he then offers them a BDSM session for extra money. Most of his patients take his extra offer of a BDSM session with Dr. 5D. Katherine goes to Dr. 5D’s to have a check-up on her teeth not realising that his dental surgery is also a BDSM place. Whilst having her check-up Katherine notices all of the BDSM equipment & then decides to have a BDSM session with Dr. 5D. She enjoys it all & tells her work colleague Amanda what happened with Dr. 5D. Katherine also tries to convince Amanda to visit Dr. 5D & have a check-up & BDSM session. Amanda has hesitations on having a BDSM session with Dr. 5D but, after her check-up she has a BDSM session with Dr. 5D & like Katherine she enjoyed it all. When Amanda tells Katherine what happened with Dr. 5D Katherine is surprised that Amanda went for it. What more is to come for these two horny dental-whores?

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A group of mysterious Super-Villains are going around robbing sex-shops and stealing all kinds of sex-toys! Who are these villains committing this crime & why are they doing this? The Police have enlisted the extra help of Super-Heroes to combat this serious crime! Can they thwart the Super-Villains and return the sex-toys to their rightful owners….well only time will tell!

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Sharon is a very tall & arrogant woman who is at a conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. There she meets an even taller woman by the name of Jane who is the opposite of Sharon. The two of them hit it off very well as they are the only Tall Women at the conference. Later on that evening Sharon plays cards with Jane and places a bet with her that whoever loses has to submit to winner. Jane agrees to the bet and when Sharon attempts to cheat Jane manages to thwart Sharon and win the card game. This is the first time Sharon loses a card-game in her entire life. What’s more in shock for Sharon is that on her first BDSM session with Jane she finds out that Jane is a transsexual woman. The BDSM is intense for Sharon but, she had no choice and submits to Jane. The longer the week goes the more the intensity that Jane has in store for Sharon. How will Sharon cope with being a submissive for the first time in her life?

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It has been a while since the Hunch-Bitch of Notre-Domme terrorized the streets at night with her sexual endeavors. But, now a new villain has come into towan called Zack the Zipper! This villain goes around town squirting on women at night! Why is he doing this? Stiffy Stanley & Vicky Vagina with two new Police-Detectives are investigating this new case; they realize that this one is more complex than the previous one. Whilst investigating the case deeper Stiffy Stanley and his colleagues find out that Zack the Zipper wants to become the most Dominant Man on Earth and rule the World. Also, they find out that Zack the Zipper is somehow linked to the Hunch-Bitch of Notre-Domme but, they just can’t pinpoint it! The case itself is really stressing all of the Police out and also they have to contend with the media who are constantly criticizing the Police. Can Stiffy Stanley & Vicky Vagina solve this very complex case and stop Zack the Zipper?

Jean-Pierre meets Fiona a Very Tall Woman who stands at a towering 6’6’’ in height. Fiona is a very dominant woman on the outside who is in charge of a big corporation. But, behind closed doors she is a total submissive. Fiona tells Jean-Pierre how much she craves to submit and even though Jean-Pierre is a mere 5’6’’ in height she gives in to Jean-Pierre and submits to him in the bedroom. It is a total thrill for Fiona and Jean-Pierre realizes how much he enjoys dominating Fiona’s tall body. The more they see each other the more they fall in love. What will become of this unusual but, unique couple?



The 2-part sequel to His Tall-Slave Lover.

Hot Sex in Alaska Part 1: Arousal in Anchorage. After 3 years of marriage Jean-Pierre & Fiona are still happy & blissful enjoying every minute of this. However, they both desire to expand on their sexual horizons and book a week away in the US state of Alaska at a BDSM Compound called Alaska Sex Adventures. Fiona wants to explore her submissive side deeper than ever before. They meet other couples who are there for the same reasons as Jean-Pierre & Fiona. They first stay at the main BDSM Compound in Anchorage & do many Sub & Dom exercises where the Subs really are Subs and the Dom’s really are Dom’s. Can Fiona prove to herself that she really can be the true Sub she craves to be? We’ll soon find out!


Hot Sex in Alaska Part 2: Foreplay in Fairbanks. After a few exciting days at the A.S.A. Compound in Anchorage, both Jean-Pierre & Fiona make their way to the A.S.A. Compound in Fairbanks. Over there they will experience more BDSM games which are more intense & thrilling. Fiona will be put through her paces in the next part of her sexual adventures. How will she cope? Will she enjoy the next part of her sexual adventures? Can Fiona still prove to be ultimate submissive she craves to be? How will all of this go? Both Jean-Pierre & Fiona formed a close friendship with Michael & Suzanne who like them are a Small Man-Tall Woman couple with Michael as the Dominant and Suzanne as the Submissive. They realized they all have so much in common after sharing their very intimate secrets. How close will their friendships become? After their trip Fiona will have a big surprise. What is this surprise? How will affect her marriage to Jean-Pierre? Wait & see to find out!

It had been quite some time since Stacey was dominated by a group of Transsexual Women at the Pyramid of Porn & Perversion. Over time Stacey as expected was promoted to the Board of Directors at her corporate work-place and her best-friend Tera got promoted to Stacey’s previous position as Manager. Work-wise things are going very well for the two Tall Women and then Tera introduces Stacey to two newcomers to their work-place who are also Tall Women named Alice & Sandy. Alice is 6’2” tall in height and Sandy is a staggering 6’3” in height; now their corporate work-place has four Tall Women working there! All four Tall Women immediately hit it off very well and they then realize that they have each visited and experience all of the BDSM at the Pyramid of Porn & Perversion on all levels! In one evening the four Tall Women decide to visit the night-club together at the Pyramid and inadvertently they discover that the Transsexual Women own another BDSM place called the Chateau Odyssey of Porn & Perversion which is similar to the Pyramid of Porn & Perversion but this time it is more hardcore! After long discussions the four Tall Women decide to sign-up to get dominated by Transsexual Women at the place itself. The only big question is will the four Tall Women be able to take in what’s coming to them? Wait & see!
Follow the adventures of Jake, an almost 20-year old man who keeps squirting inadvertently every time when he constantly thinks about sex! Jake is sexually frustrated and has never had a girlfriend in his life plus he has no friends at all except for his two lesbian friends Sally & Janet. Every time Jake keeps getting the feeling that the whole world is crashing down on him and that he will be single for the rest of his life! Will Jake’s life ever turn around?
The shocking sequel to the College Fraternity of Sextopia.
Upon graduating from University both Willy & Martin with the rest of the Sextopia crew had went one better and formed their own Adult-Entertainment company bearing the same name. Things have been going very well for the whole company until they get contacted by famous Police-Detective Stiffy Stanley & Police-Psychologist Vicky Vagina. It has been found out that the two villains Zack the Zipper & Gerry the Gimp have escaped from the Ultimate Psycho Asylum and they were assisted by a mysterious individual who calls himself the Big-A. But, the big story behind this is that they are searching for a book called Porntopia which is known as the Bible of Porn. Stiffy Stanley goes on to explain more about the incident & asks for their help due to their extensive knowledge of Porntopia. They all realize that if the Big-A gets his dirty hands on Porntopia the whole world will no longer be a safe place to live. Can the whole team capture the Big-A & retrieve Porntopia before it’s too late?
Ricardo is up & coming male Porn-Star who has become very popular with the ladies in recent times. However, there are two female Porn-Stars named Rachelle & Trixie who are so jealous of Ricardo that they play a nasty trick on him and he falls for it. Ricardo then confides with his closest friend named Ruby X who is a Transsexual Female Porn-Star, and he explains to her at what occurred with the two Tall Female Porn-Stars. Upon hearing all of this Ruby X gets very angry and plots revenge on the two Tall Female Porn-Stars for Ricardo. Once the two Tall Female Porn-Stars are trapped by both Ricardo & Ruby X the fun now begins! How will it all go?