Unhappy with his life at home & school in the UK Guillaume Moreau decides to escape it all and eventually runs away. He manages to first runaway from England to Scotland; then he escapes to China and trains as a Shaolin Monk learning many styles of Martial Arts. Whilst at the Shaolin School in China Guillaume suddenly connects with his Higher-Self known as a Daemon; Guillaume then develops many kinds of paranormal powers with one of them being TELEPORTATION! Guillaume’s own Daemon instructs him to teleport and kill all of the pupils & teachers from his old school in the UK. Guillaume acknowledges his Daemon and begins his first kill at the age of 12 years; he teleports to kill many of the pupils from his old school one-by-one. The UK Police investigating the murders then begin to suspect that Guillaume Moreau is behind all of the killings but, they cannot find or capture him! At the age of 18 years Guillaume enlists in the French Military where he becomes a Helicopter Pilot in the French Army and is immediately sent to end the Yugoslavian War. Whilst in Yugoslavia Guillaume then teleports back & forth to the UK to kill the rest of the pupils & teachers from his old school eventually making them all extinct! The UK Police & Scotland Yard make Guillaume Moreau the prime suspect of these murders but, they still cannot capture him! How will the UK Police capture Guillaume Moreau for this heinous crime? After the French Military Guillaume Moreau is recruited into the French Secret Service as a DGSE Agent in Quebec, Canada…now his journey has just begun! (Available in both English & French)
Jean-Jacques Canet as the Flying Frenchman wants to make it big in the International Wrestling Association however, he has difficulties in convincing the IWA fans and the board to respect him. Jean-Jacques tag-team wrestling partner for many years had decided to jump ship to a rival wrestling company and therefore the Flying Frenchman has been left on his own. Jean-Jacques as the Flying Frenchman decides to have a go at singles competition to see if he can make a name for himself; however, he is still not respected by either the fans or the IWA-Board. Plus, Jean-Jacques has to put up with the corrupt IWA Owner, Michael Howe who is as evil as he can get. Jean-Jacques as the Flying Frenchman then realizes that he has the whole world against him and there is NO-ONE to back him! To make things worse for Jean-Jacques he has a huge crush on a 7ft tall Female Volleyball-Player but, he cannot muster the courage to approach her. Will Jean-Jacques world come crashing down on him with all the battles he’s facing?
Upon returning from Operation Brownsville DGSE (Q) Agent Commandant Guillaume Moreau is immediately ordered to go to the UK for a mission called London Inferno! Guillaume becomes hesitant & reluctant to go to the country he was born in; also bearing in mind that he is a wanted serial killer over there. The London Inferno mission involves a group who call themselves the Yugoslavian-6 in which it was revealed that they were the ones who orchestrated the Yugoslavian Civil War. Furthermore DGSE have found out that the Yugoslavian-6 have a large syndicate involving also Police-Officers & UK Politicians. Also part of the syndicate is a criminal gang from Bedford called the Indian-Bandits; the town which Guillaume lived in before he ran away. The hopes of the mission rests solely on an English Woman named Simone Jane Robinson who has done a deal with the French Government in exchange for her freedom. Like Guillaume, Simone also ran away from home when she was a young girl. On the aftermath of London Inferno Guillaume is immediately sent to Germany to prevent the country from splitting into East & West again. Plus Guillaume is sent to Korea to help prevent the country splitting therefore creating North Korea & South Korea. The only big question is can Commandant Guillaume Moreau keep his paranormal powers a secret? Only time will tell! (Available in both English & French)